Palm Trees for Desert Climates

Dry Desert Climates

Water Palm TreeYou don’t need to live in Hawaii to experience the beauty of palm trees. You can actually grow them just about anywhere and that’s amazing to me. A little while ago we discussed which palm trees you could grow in extremely cold temperatures, so now we will talk about the opposite. Which ones can you grow in dry almost desert like climates? There are a few and we can learn most of them within this post. So get ready to learn about palms trees and which ones I would grow if I lived in a desert or an area like Texas, Arizona, etc.

Which Palms Grow?

There aren’t a million species that survive in the desert climate, but some do and I will explain which ones. Everyone should grow a palm tree at least once in their life. It’s an unforgettable experience. Seeing your palm go from a seed to a full tree is almost magical and they bring life to any situation. The Bismarckia nobilis palm is a great tree for desert environments, specifically Arizona, southern California, and parts of Florida. Most of the blue palms do well in dry areas. The Brahea can survive high temperatures and grows great in parts of Mexico. You also have the Brahea armatas or the Blue Mexican Fan Palm. The Brahea armata is a beautiful palm with leaves that have a silver tint and there is also the Brahea clara which has leaves that tend to droop down more often, but they also grow very well in these dry areas.

Learn More

We hope you have enjoyed learning about the types of palms you can grow in dry climates. There are more, but we figured if you are really interested you could do some of your own research on these magnificent trees. In the mean type check out our other posts or contact us if you have anymore questions! Also be sure to spread the word about our business being for sale!

Growing Palms in Cold Climates

Growing Cold Hardy Palm Trees

Comet Palm GrowingWell the winter months are approaching which can only mean one thing for the palm trees in these types of environments. We have to take care of them and be careful. Maybe you have already grown some cold hardy palms this year, so you’re ready to take on the climate change. For those of you who don’t know what hardy means, allow me to give you the definition. “Hardy palms are any of the species of palm (Arecaceae) that are able to withstand brief periods of colder temperatures and even occasional snowfall. A few palms are native to higher elevations of south Asia, and a few can tolerate hard freezes with little or no damage.” Now let’s see what palms are capable of these temperatures.

What Species?

Most palm tree species that are cold hardy represent the tropics, so it can be hard to believe that some of the cold hardy palm trees are able to survive a deep winter freeze in subzero temperatures such as the Needle Palm species. The Needle Palm tree is surprisingly cold hardy down to a temperature of -10 degrees F. If you are in an area that gets this cold, the Needle Palm is what you need to be growing. Another type that is cold hardy up to 5 degrees F would be the Windmill Palm. These are great palms for November and December. I feel like it’s a refreshing take on most other cold hardy palms.

More Palms and Comet

Before we go I will name a few more species of cold hardy palm trees. There is the Canary Island Date Palm, Queen Palm, Mexican Fan Palm, Sago Palm, and many more. I could talk about palm trees all day, but there are palms that need to be taken care of before it gets too cold. So if you want to check us out, our contact page is here! Also are you interested in buying a thriving business?

Everything is Bigger in Texas!

Palm Trees in Texas?

Another PalmWhen you think of palm trees, you might imagine them being in Florida or California. This would be because palm trees do grow best in tropical climates. There are palm trees that will grow in a myriad of environments, you just have to pick which tree and what climate. Match the ones that fit best together and your palm trees will be healthy and happy before you can even realize it. Texas has so many different cities with a lot of temperatures so you can imagine that it would be difficult to pick which tree to grow where. Well it can be, but I will try to help with this issue as best as I can!

Climate Change

You need to pick the place in Texas that you will be growing your trees and then research as best as you can because as stated above, Texas climate is different everywhere. Some places will be dryer than a desert, while others are so humid you feel like you’re swimming while walking. Each palm tree will have different pros and cons of growing in these types of environments. Also note, palm trees are extremely tough, but if you are living in a hot and dry area make sure to water your palm trees more often.

What Palm Trees

Well if you’re in cities like Austin, San Antonio, or Dallas we would say your best bet would be to grow Bismarck Palm Tree. Do you want to grow in Plano or El Paso? The best trees for these types of climates would be the Pindo Palm Tree. These durable trees will make your backyard look complete. Lastly if you’re in Houston or Pasadena we would say to go with the Caranday Palm Tree. These are wonderful trees. If you need anymore information on palm trees, feel free to contact us! Maybe you’re even interested in owning our palm tree business?