For Sale: Thriving Palm Tree Business

What our Business is

Palm Tree CometOur business is one of a kind here in Bay County. We sell palm trees to landscapers, home owners, and even other growers! We sell all different types of palm trees and we might even have the best around. We hand selected our trees years ago and make sure they are locally grown, so that way we can provide the healthiest palm trees available to our consumers. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to purchase this amazing business, especially once you learn everything that it comes with! For all inquires please contact the owner.

What’s Included?

You get just about everything you can think of when you purchase Comet Palm Trees. Not only is the land 6.7 acres, but the palm trees take up about 5 acres. That gives you over an acre of land to do whatever you want with it. When you purchase this business, you’re actually getting three businesses in one. You get the palm tree business, a mushroom compost business, plus a chicken fertilizer business! This would be a great investment. There are over three thousand palm trees on the property so it’s a great way to make money. The property includes two trailers. You can rent them out or live in one on the property if you want to. It also includes three wells and two septic tanks. There are plots of land so you can plant a garden or whatever you may want! The land is worth $165,000 and there is about $400,000 worth of trees on the land right now. You will also get this website, which places very well for our term: “Palm Trees for Sale, Panama City, FL.”


For everything that is included such as the land, trailers, palm trees, etc. We are only asking for $375,000. That is a steal! You have the potential to make much more than what you paid for it. There are small palm trees that you can rent for up to $100 a day. There is so much money making potential involved that it might be one of the best investments you run across in your lifetime! For more details and inquires— please call the owner Roger Goodwin at 850-872-7463 or at 850-814-2449!