Palm Trees for Desert Climates

Dry Desert Climates

Water Palm TreeYou don’t need to live in Hawaii to experience the beauty of palm trees. You can actually grow them just about anywhere and that’s amazing to me. A little while ago we discussed which palm trees you could grow in extremely cold temperatures, so now we will talk about the opposite. Which ones can you grow in dry almost desert like climates? There are a few and we can learn most of them within this post. So get ready to learn about palms trees and which ones I would grow if I lived in a desert or an area like Texas, Arizona, etc.

Which Palms Grow?

There aren’t a million species that survive in the desert climate, but some do and I will explain which ones. Everyone should grow a palm tree at least once in their life. It’s an unforgettable experience. Seeing your palm go from a seed to a full tree is almost magical and they bring life to any situation. The Bismarckia nobilis palm is a great tree for desert environments, specifically Arizona, southern California, and parts of Florida. Most of the blue palms do well in dry areas. The Brahea can survive high temperatures and grows great in parts of Mexico. You also have the Brahea armatas or the Blue Mexican Fan Palm. The Brahea armata is a beautiful palm with leaves that have a silver tint and there is also the Brahea clara which has leaves that tend to droop down more often, but they also grow very well in these dry areas.

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We hope you have enjoyed learning about the types of palms you can grow in dry climates. There are more, but we figured if you are really interested you could do some of your own research on these magnificent trees. In the mean type check out our other posts or contact us if you have anymore questions! Also be sure to spread the word about our business being for sale!

Facts About Palm Trees

Facts About Arecaceae

palmsWhat do you think when palm trees cross your mind? What does Arecaceae even mean? These are questions that we have asked and even answered. There are many different questions that we hear on a daily basis so we decided to throw down some facts about palm trees in this article for everyone to know about and share with their friends or family. If anyone is considering growing these beautiful plants, knowledge is power. So many palm trees die each year because of simple mistakes that could have been avoided. Let’s kick this off with fact number one. Arecaceae is the family name for palm trees.

How Many, What Kind?

With over 2,500 species of palm trees, you can guess there would be a lot to say about them. Here is an interesting fact. Not all palm trees are trees, while not all palms are related to the Arecaceae family. Palm trees can grow as trees, shrubs, and long, woody vines called lianas. Now we move on to the sago palm, torbay palm, and the traveler’s palm which are not part of the Arecaceae at all. They just have palm in the name. Here is another cool fact. The national tree of Columbia is the Quindio wax palm. It’s the world’s tallest palm tree and can reach up to 197 feet. Palm trees also have different leaves. There is the pinnate and the palmate. Palmate leaves, like hands, grow in a bunch at the end of a stem. Pinnate leaves are like feathers, growing all along either side of a stem.

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If you need to learn more facts about palm trees, buy some palms, or purchase our business please feel free to visit us or give us a call! We know palms and want to make sure everyone else does too. Stop on by for any reason. Check out our other posts and have a good day everyone! Comet Palm Farm can help out with any palm need.

Best Palms in Florida

So Many Palms

Palm FarmWhen you think of palm tress you might associate them with areas that have beaches. Your mind might immediately go to California, Florida, Hawaii, or just about any island in the world. Palm tress have this relaxing affect. You might assume it’s time to be on vacation or travel. Palms can actually be anywhere though and if you pick the right one for your environment, you too can grow them. They are beautiful trees that can reach huge sizes and heights, so it’s important to take care of your palms in the best way possible. They need sunshine and water, just like every other plant. There are event over 2,500 types of palms to choose from in the world. Some are better than others, but we love them all equally.

Florida Palms

Bismarck or Queen palms are some of the best for the humid Florida environment, but it’s really up to each person. Palms grow differently in each climate, so you need to be careful when selecting them and their type. It also depends on where you want to grow your palm because of size differences. You could put a few in the backyard or maybe you want to go ahead and start a palm tree garden? Palm tree care is another important part of successful palm growing. It includes things such as planting, watering, fertilizing, trimming, and cold protection. So many palms die because their owners don’t know how to properly care for them, which is a shame.


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