Growing Palms in Cold Climates

Growing Cold Hardy Palm Trees

Comet Palm GrowingWell the winter months are approaching which can only mean one thing for the palm trees in these types of environments. We have to take care of them and be careful. Maybe you have already grown some cold hardy palms this year, so you’re ready to take on the climate change. For those of you who don’t know what hardy means, allow me to give you the definition. “Hardy palms are any of the species of palm (Arecaceae) that are able to withstand brief periods of colder temperatures and even occasional snowfall. A few palms are native to higher elevations of south Asia, and a few can tolerate hard freezes with little or no damage.” Now let’s see what palms are capable of these temperatures.

What Species?

Most palm tree species that are cold hardy represent the tropics, so it can be hard to believe that some of the cold hardy palm trees are able to survive a deep winter freeze in subzero temperatures such as the Needle Palm species. The Needle Palm tree is surprisingly cold hardy down to a temperature of -10 degrees F. If you are in an area that gets this cold, the Needle Palm is what you need to be growing. Another type that is cold hardy up to 5 degrees F would be the Windmill Palm. These are great palms for November and December. I feel like it’s a refreshing take on most other cold hardy palms.

More Palms and Comet

Before we go I will name a few more species of cold hardy palm trees. There is the Canary Island Date Palm, Queen Palm, Mexican Fan Palm, Sago Palm, and many more. I could talk about palm trees all day, but there are palms that need to be taken care of before it gets too cold. So if you want to check us out, our contact page is here! Also are you interested in buying a thriving business?

Facts About Palm Trees

Facts About Arecaceae

palmsWhat do you think when palm trees cross your mind? What does Arecaceae even mean? These are questions that we have asked and even answered. There are many different questions that we hear on a daily basis so we decided to throw down some facts about palm trees in this article for everyone to know about and share with their friends or family. If anyone is considering growing these beautiful plants, knowledge is power. So many palm trees die each year because of simple mistakes that could have been avoided. Let’s kick this off with fact number one. Arecaceae is the family name for palm trees.

How Many, What Kind?

With over 2,500 species of palm trees, you can guess there would be a lot to say about them. Here is an interesting fact. Not all palm trees are trees, while not all palms are related to the Arecaceae family. Palm trees can grow as trees, shrubs, and long, woody vines called lianas. Now we move on to the sago palm, torbay palm, and the traveler’s palm which are not part of the Arecaceae at all. They just have palm in the name. Here is another cool fact. The national tree of Columbia is the Quindio wax palm. It’s the world’s tallest palm tree and can reach up to 197 feet. Palm trees also have different leaves. There is the pinnate and the palmate. Palmate leaves, like hands, grow in a bunch at the end of a stem. Pinnate leaves are like feathers, growing all along either side of a stem.

Learn More

If you need to learn more facts about palm trees, buy some palms, or purchase our business please feel free to visit us or give us a call! We know palms and want to make sure everyone else does too. Stop on by for any reason. Check out our other posts and have a good day everyone! Comet Palm Farm can help out with any palm need.

For Sale: Thriving Palm Tree Business

What our Business is

Palm Tree CometOur business is one of a kind here in Bay County. We sell palm trees to landscapers, home owners, and even other growers! We sell all different types of palm trees and we might even have the best around. We hand selected our trees years ago and make sure they are locally grown, so that way we can provide the healthiest palm trees available to our consumers. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to purchase this amazing business, especially once you learn everything that it comes with! For all inquires please contact the owner.

What’s Included?

You get just about everything you can think of when you purchase Comet Palm Trees. Not only is the land 6.7 acres, but the palm trees take up about 5 acres. That gives you over an acre of land to do whatever you want with it. When you purchase this business, you’re actually getting three businesses in one. You get the palm tree business, a mushroom compost business, plus a chicken fertilizer business! This would be a great investment. There are over three thousand palm trees on the property so it’s a great way to make money. The property includes two trailers. You can rent them out or live in one on the property if you want to. It also includes three wells and two septic tanks. There are plots of land so you can plant a garden or whatever you may want! The land is worth $165,000 and there is about $400,000 worth of trees on the land right now. You will also get this website, which places very well for our term: “Palm Trees for Sale, Panama City, FL.”


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